I am beyond proud to be finally able to announce my collaboration with UNU Rotterdam . We have been collaborating for a long time and finally the products we’ve made are available for purchase. Unu, means ‘us’ in Surinamese and this was also the guideline during my design proces. I combined natural elements with people to translate ‘Us’ in its broadest sense.

By incorporating 2 powerful color palettes I wanted to convey togetherness, unity and peace. As you can see the elements such as silhouettes and leaves have different colors to symbolize everyone's uniqueness. Together we are Unu!

The bags are hand-made by Talentfabriek010 , a workplace for people whom have experienced difficulties to get back in society. So all items are handcrafted in Rotterdam.

The collection consists of a totebag, a big shopping bag and a pouch. The entire collection is available in the 2 color palettes. Check the website of Unu Rotterdam and order yours!👜
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